Friday, April 13, 2012

A Quick Hello!

Pardon my absence here on the blog! The last two weeks have been jam-packed with prepping and hanging over 500 works of art for our annual 4th Grade Art Gala here at Briargrove. Last night was the big event, and I couldn't feel more proud of my students and their amazing performances and artwork.

I'll be back soon to share lots of lovely, creative, and inspiring works of art, teacher reflections, and and more!

Happy Friday!
Mrs. Gonzalez


  1. Congratulations, that sounds like quite an endeavor!

  2. It's always a lot of preparation those exhibitions! The nice thing is you seem to have attracted a lot of parents! As long as you can keep parents coming to see art,you are a winner! Good for you!
    In Canada, a lot of school don't have a formal visual art program and it's up to each teacher to do their own things. In some classes you can't even find a single brush!