Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Bits of Magic

Welcome back from Spring Break!
Here are some bits of magic from the week of the 5th!

Woodless Color Pencil Magic

1. The joy of a messy hand!
2. Exploring extra-special new art supplies.
3. A vibrant turtle.

Installation Magic

The lively swarm of bugs that covers the walls of our kinder/1st grade art studio.

Magic in the Studio

1. A drying rack FULL to the brim.
2. A lovely gift for the art teacher!

Portrait Magic

Having fun practicing my observation drawing skills.

Gallery Walk Magic

1. Viewing, discussing and appreciating.
2. Careful story-telling.
3. Exciting compositions.
2. Leaving thoughtful compliments.

Angry Bird Magic

Carefully-constructed collages a student made for his friends and brought to show us in the art studio!

The Magic of Adding Color

1. The brightest ice cream cones.
2. Subtle greens.
3. Colorful overlap.

Happy Mess Magic

Soon to return to "happy cleanliness-and-order magic"!
(now that we're back from the break!)

What was magical for you last week?

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